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3D-Printed Justice League Action Figures to Add to Your Collection

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If you haven’t seen Justice League yet, better rush to the nearest cinema as you might be running out of time. The movie has clearly become a blockbuster hit. If you miss it, nothing can possibly save you from the embarrassment of not being able to join conversations at work or in school.

To the uninformed, the group Justice League has been around for a long time. Fans have been following the group long before Gal Gadot donned the Wonder Woman costume on the big screen. In fact, the group first appeared in a comic book entitled The Brave and the Beautiful in the year 1960. The issue was so well received that in November of the same year, Justice League appeared in their very own title.

From the original seven members, Justice League has had several iterations. The other members include a who’s who of the DC universe, namely, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Atom, Cyborg, Zatanna, Black Canary, Plastic Man, and more.

With the recent success of the movie adaptation, Justice League has garnered even more followers. People from different parts of the world line up in stores to buy anything that bears the Justice League crew. And when we talk about collectibles, action figures come to mind first.

Allow us to present to you the original Justice League members:

SupermanOne of the most recognizable figures in the history of comic books, Superman has appeared in several other mediums which include television, radio, newspaper, and more. He is actually the first big superhero. Many followers say that without the success of Superman, even the other huge superheroes like Batman and Spiderman may not have existed.

Source – Pinterest

BatmanTry doing a little research on the most popular superheroes in history, and you will surely find Batman on any list. In fact, the cape crusader tops most of them. Perhaps his charm comes from the fact that he has virtually no superpowers – everybody can relate to the regular guy!

Source – do3d.com

Wonder WomanThe world’s premier female superhero, Wonder Woman originated from the Amazons of the Greek mythology. Because of her film and comic book conquests, she has become an inspiration to young girls everywhere.

The FlashAs the name implies, superhuman speed is what The Flash is known for. But not only can he move fast; he can also think fast and has unbelievably quick reflexes that defy the laws of physics.

AquamanFor any trouble that involves the water, you have Aquaman to call. He can breathe underwater, swim faster than everyone else, and more.

Source – malix3design

Green LanternFighting evil with help from powerful rings is what Green Lantern does. Over the years, the character has also become popular that it has been adopted into video games, television, etc.

Martian ManhunterHe may be the least popular among the lot but Martial Manhunter has surely made his mark. The fact that he has incredible abilities that could rival those of Superman should capture people’s attention.

Almost every superfan in the world collects merchandise and other items from Justice League. Show your appreciation for the group by getting your own action figures. Contact 3D2Go today and we will 3D-print your favorite characters.